Richard Hammond will return on television after five years break

Richard Hammond will return on television after five years break


On TV the arena is going to be back popular host, who was on vacation for five long years.

Former leading world automobile program tor Gеаr Richard Hammond said that he intends to return to work in the television industry with his solo project which is named as “Big and Richard Hammond”. The TV show will be on the Discovery channel.

In this project, automotive expert, Richard is going to show the audience various engineering devices, specific design, to explain the technical side of vehicles, and also to demonstrate how they work, etc.


New editions of the show will come out every Tuesday. The premiere telecast will be held on 25 February this year. In the premiere of the series “Major and Richard Hammond” the host will show you exactly how to construct the largest production capacity manufacturer of cars Volkswagen, located in Wolfsburg. The plant employs more than 63 thousand people.

It is worth noting that the popular host went from car program Top Gear after the incident quarrel with the leadership in 2015, which also left the project two popular presenters.

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