Rimac promised to release the “absolutely insane” Bugatti

Rimac promised to release the “absolutely insane” Bugatti


The head of the recently founded merged company Bugatti Rimac, Mate Rimac, spoke about the prospects for both brands – French and Croatian. First of all, the entrepreneur plans to release a successor to the Chiron model, presented back in 2016. Whether the new hypercar will retain the gigantic 8.0-liter W16 engine remains to be seen, but Rimatz is enthusiastic and determined, noting that “there is so much you can do with the Bugatti.”

In an interview with Motor Trend, Rimac Automobili founder and current head of the joint venture Bugatti Rimac Mate Rimatz said that the new model of the French brand, which will obviously replace the Chiron hypercar, could become “something absolutely insane, oh which no one thought. ” He mentioned among the new projects the development of a hybrid power plant – it is likely that it will just get a promising car. By the end of the decade, Bugatti will release the first electric car, which, Rimatz emphasizes, will become an absolutely independent model, developed from scratch, and will have nothing in common with the Rimac Nevera model.

Other plans of Rimats are no less interesting. He said that he would like to see something different in the Bugatti model range, besides two-seater hypercars. For example, a top manager does not rule out the possibility of producing a luxurious grand tourer or even an off-road vehicle. As for the Rimac company, its merger with Bugatti will in no way affect the development plans of the Croatian brand. It will still not produce more than 100 cars a year, and the Nevera electric hypercar will run 150 copies – 50 a year. The successor to the model will appear approximately in 2025.

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