Rimac will help Hyundai with electric sports cars

Rimac will help Hyundai with electric sports cars

Hyundai Motor Group, which also includes the KIA brand, strives to assert itself on the market-electric cars, Rimac Automobili, has decided to help the Koreans achieve their goals.

Naturally, help is not selfless – today, Hyundai announced that, along with the KIA invests in the Croatian company of $ 90 million under the new strategic partnership.

Through cooperation, all three brands will be working on new cars, and the first of them will be the sports car division N Hyundai – first as a concept and as a sports car with the average location of the internal combustion engine.

Hyundai attempts to bring to market this model began in 2014 when they introduced the Veloster RM concept. Then was shown a more refined RM15, which is equipped with 2-liter gasoline engine with 296 HP and 382 Nm, accelerating to a hundred in 4.7 seconds.

In 2016, the prototype RM16-N first spotted on tests at the Nurburgring, and there were rumors that soon the model will be presented in serial form, but something went wrong and the project again stalled. Perhaps now, with the help of Rimac, which has already released two electric supercar Concept One and C-Two, the situation will improve, including the creation of a fully electric version.