Riots in the United States: under the distribution of hit interior Mercedes-Benz (video)


In the United States during the mass riots that broke out in different cities of the country, seriously affected dealerships. So, in Auckland was virtually destroyed the interior of the Mercedes-Benz. Judging by the video posted on the YouTube channel of Entertainment Today, protesters smashed dozens of cars of German nonsense. Also, the attackers set fire to the coupe AMG GT.

In San Leandro criminals during the riots attacked dealership FCA. During the night the attackers were able to steal from the showroom about 50 cars, according to CBS. Some of them then the criminals just burned in the street.


From the showroom the criminals stole almost all presents Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Also stolen was a special version of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody called Daytona 50th Anniversary. The price of this car exceeds 90 thousand dollars.

“We tried to call the police, but they were too busy. We never answered,” said one of the employees of the dealership.

Riots in the US began after the detention a policeman pushed Leda on the ground the man with his knee on the neck. He could not breathe, repeatedly told the guards. In the end, the man died in the hospital. After that began in the United States protests that turned into riots and pogroms.

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