Risen from the Dead: renders of the new electric Saab GT EV

Risen from the Dead: renders of the new electric Saab GT EV


An independent designer from Azerbaijan has published renderings of an all-electric Saab model.

The Swedish brand Saab has long since left the global market. The brand is currently owned by the Chinese company NEVS, under whose name electric vehicles in the body of the Saab 9-3 sedan are produced for the domestic market. At the same time, according to the speedme.ru edition, an independent designer from Azerbaijan tried to imagine how a modern model of the Saab brand with an electric power plant could look like.

So, the model with the designation Saab GT EV received thin LED headlights, an aerodynamic body silhouette, as well as huge wheels. One way or another, but the rendered images show a car that has recognizable features of the Saab brand. The shade of the body is also interesting here: it is two-tone, while only the “stern” of the car is painted in a contrasting color.

Since it was the designer’s own desire to develop the renderings of the Saab GT EV model, there is no data on the expected powertrain, range, and autopilot level of the presented car.

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