Rivian build for Amazon 100 thousand electric vans

Rivian build for Amazon 100 thousand electric vans


Online retailer Amazon has entered into agreements with startup Rivian for the supply of 100 thousand electric vans. The transaction will become part of the company’s plan to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide and will allow to comply with the terms of the Paris climate agreement for 10 years before the deadline.

Environmental strategy Amazon head Jeff Bezos describes how Climate Pledge (Climate pledge). According to the plan, by 2024, up to 80 percent of the energy used by the retailer, will come from renewable sources. By 2030, the company will reach zero emissions of CO2.

In the beginning of the year, Amazon led the round of investment in Rivian in the amount of $ 700 million. A few months later, the startup has attracted another half a billion dollars from Ford.

Even Amazon will donate $ 100 million to the environmental organization The Nature Conservancy. These funds will create a Fund Right Now Climate Fund, which will undertake the rehabilitation and protection of forests, wetlands and peatlands.

As for Rivian, the startup, founded in 2009, Amazon will put 100 of thousands of courier vans. The first cars will appear on roads already in 2021, and 2024-mu their number should reach 100 thousand. No details about the vans not, but most likely they will be built on the platform as the SUV and pick-up R1S and R1T. Judging by the render, Rivenska vans are very similar to electric hatchback Honda e.


The first model Rivian – R1S and R1T – not yet on sale. Pre-specification is this: four electric motors with a total capacity of 760 horsepower and mileage on a single charge 645 kilometers. The startup’s third model will be an electric hatchback-style cars for rallycross.

How do you “face” of the van?

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