Rivian electric cars can be recharged from each other

Rivian electric cars can be recharged from each other

Rivian electric utility vehicles can be recharged from each other. In addition, the company has patented another solution that will allow you to increase the mileage on a single charge, said in an interview with Western journalists, the General Director of Rivian Robert Scaringe.

Rivian is positioning their electric cars as “machines of adventure”, so the developers have foreseen the possibility of charging cars from each other, said Scaring edition of the Drive. This can be useful when the cars are away from charging stations, for example, in one of the national parks.

In addition, Rivian patented system of removable modular accessory battery. They can be installed in the back of a truck, where will be displayed the connectors and contours of the cooling system. In the patent application described the installation of both vertical and horizontal battery pack.

While Rivian opened in two models – twins R1S and R1T. Both equipped with four electric motors with a total capacity of 760 horsepower and one charge is able to travel the 645 kilometers. The third model Rivian will be an electric hatchback-style cars for rallycross.