Rivian has demonstrated a “tank turn” your electropica

Rivian has demonstrated a “tank turn” your electropica


Startup Rivian has shared the official video showing the operation of the system Turn Tank (“tank turn”) in a pickup R1T. The electric cars literally turn around on the spot like a tank, however to pull that trick only on gravel or dirt roads.

Earlier Rivian patented the name Tank Turn and Steer Tank (“tank turn” and “tank management”) is a system that allows the electric vehicle to turn on the spot. Another useful feature that is promised to all models of the brand, it is an opportunity to recharge the batteries from each other.

The truck debuted at the motor show in Los Angeles in 2018. In motion it causes the power plant, consisting of four motor. The total output of the unit is 760 HP and 1120 Nm of torque. First “hundred” R1T gaining three seconds.

A similar unit and got the other two models – the SUV R1S, and also the third model of the brand – “crazy” hatchback with a huge ground clearance.


In September of this year it was reported that Rivian has signed a contract with Amazon for the supply of 100 thousand electric vans. And in early 2019, Amazon led the round of investment in Rivian in the amount of $ 700 million.

Recently, during the fourth round of financing automotive startups received a record $ 1.3 billion from Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and T. Rowe Price Associates and BlackRock.

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