Rivian R1T electric car lights 20,000 Christmas lights

Rivian R1T electric car lights 20,000 Christmas lights


The Rivian R1T is one of the most anticipated electric leads. On Christmas eve, the company showed off the model’s potential by using its power for 20,000 Christmas lights. With a single power port in the back of a truck, the R1T has transformed the Timber Pointe outdoor center into a winter Wonderland.

While there’s no word on how long the lights might have stayed on, the RT1 is equipped with a 135kwh battery pack. Thanks to the operation of this battery, a range of 483 km of mileage should be provided. Customers can also upgrade to the Max battery pack, which has a capacity of 180 kWh and increases the range to 644 km.

In addition to its impressive ranges, the R1T is equipped with a four-engine all-wheel drive system that allows the truck to develop up to 754 HP and 1,120 Nm of torque. This should allow the model to accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h in three seconds before reaching a top speed of 201 km / h.

Of course, this is only part of the story, as the R1T has a spacious front end and an innovative “transmission tunnel” that sits under the cab and extends across the width of the car. The tunnel provides 350 liters of space and is designed to carry long items such as Golf bags and snowboards.

The R1T will go on sale in June 2021 as a Launch Edition. In January 2022, it will be followed by more common options. Prices start at $ 67,500. The company currently accepts orders for $ 1,000.

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