Rivian showed electric van Amazon

Rivian showed electric van Amazon


The American startup has unveiled the design of its future trends.

Recently Rivian began to appear in news reports. The startup introduced its electric cars, as well as concluded transactions with such companies Ford and Amazon. Additionally, the first electric Lincoln will be based on the platform of Rivian. Meanwhile, according to Amazon, by 2030, the automaker will introduce 100,000 electric cars a year later, some of them are already on American roads.

The company demonstrated the design of a new electric van on the clay models. In the headquarters of the Rivian in Plymouth, Michigan, companies Rivian and Amazon to create a special van for an online store.


While the designers smooth out the edges of clay’s van, drivers test the delivery system using virtual reality simulator to help find the best way to equip the car. When it is launched, the dashboard will be synchronized with the management system Amazon logistics and will offer routes to optimize deliveries. And, of course, it will also have integration with Alexa voice commands to speed up the task of finding packages in the vehicle.

Rivian representatives report that they will build three different sized vans to deliver from Amazon, and delivery of new items will begin in 2021. By 2022, the brand planned to produce 10 000 vehicles, and will eventually represent 100 000 of the promised vans by 2030.

Work vans for Amazon and Lincolns for Ford – not everything you need Rivian. It is expected that private pickup R1T for the consumer market debuts by the end of 2020, and after that expected three-row SUV R1S.

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