Rivian will not focus on cars

Rivian will not focus on cars


The young startup Rivian has decided to prioritize production against passenger cars, teslarati.com reports. It is possible that the production of R1T pickups will be sharply reduced, and the production of the R1S SUV will be postponed again.

Since the recent start of production of the R1T model, many users have asked where these cars are supplied. Judging by the thematic forums, almost none of the clients received the coveted pickup.

However, judging by the insider information, a startup in general can throw all its energy into the production of delivery vans for Amazon. Reports received by journalists say that 300 units will be delivered by the end of the year. For the entire 2022nd number, in general, it should reach 10 thousand copies.

What follows from this? It’s pretty simple. The passenger car business is no longer a priority for the company, because the big money from Amazon will allow Rivian to develop much faster in the automotive market. Of course, the R1T pickup truck will be produced on a much smaller scale, and the R1S SUV can generally be carried over until better times.

Note that to date, more than 50 thousand pre-orders have been left on Rivian, which can be easily returned. It is possible that after such an attitude towards themselves, customers will begin a massive withdrawal of their applications. And although this figure does not look impressive against the background of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck, it can still hurt the authority of Rivian.

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