Roadster Elva painted in the colors of a racing prototype McLaren 1960s

Roadster Elva painted in the colors of a racing prototype McLaren 1960s


Department McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has introduced a new color scheme of the design of the Speedster, Elva, was inspired by a historical model M1A – the fastest car of the canadian Grand Prix in 1964.

In fact, McLaren Elva and named in honor of a racing prototype M1A whose replicas were produced including Elva Cars. And to bring a new supercar into the market, the British had to buy the rights to the trademark. Conceptual modern Speedster corresponds to the historical model, i.e. it is a lightweight, technologically advanced, twin sports car with incredible handling and sophisticated aerodynamics.


Scheme proposed MSO, almost identical color vintage M1A. In the 1960s, British sports cars have not been orange: they were painted in a combination of black and silver racing colors of their native Bruce McLaren of New Zealand. The base color of “Elvy” is covered with a transparent varnish carbon fiber, secondary silver, and between them a thin red stripe.

The Speedster is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine with two turbochargers, which delivers 815 force (800 Nm) and is paired with double clutch seven-speed “robot”. From zero to “hundreds” Elva accelerates in less than three seconds. The machine features an active control system air flow AAMS (Active Air Management) System, capable of creating an air dome over the cockpit.

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