Roadster for “addict pervert”: a ridiculous tuning Porsche Boxster

Roadster for “addict pervert”: a ridiculous tuning Porsche Boxster


This strange car, which is currently sold in Spain, is actually a heavily modified Porsche Boxster. The price of the machine is 65 134 dollars, but we have a suspicion that nobody wants to spend that much.

Let’s start with the front of the German sports car, obviously the previous owner wanted it to resemble the current Toyota Supra GR. For this, they purchased a set of cheap aftermarket lights, somewhat similar in shape to a real Supra headlights and front bumper, also similar to the Japanese coupe bumper Supra.

What can I say, to make the German coupe Porsche Boxster similar to the Japanese Toyota Supra GR was pretty bad.


Terrible modifications continue on the sides, where there are red wheels and doors in the style of a Lamborghini. Then we come to the back, which looks worse than the front.

While the headlights were designed to simulate the real Supra headlights, the rear lights seems to have been borrowed from the French Renault Megane. In addition, in the rear of the car there is a large fixed rear wing, double exhaust pipe and diffuser, which we believe does not create any downforce.

The owner also re-trimmed the seats, dashboard, steering wheel and door panels are a mixture of white and black leather with red contrast stitching. There are also many questionable-looking red plastic interior parts.

A list of all modifications of the car ends with a slogan from the dealership, saying: “Life is too short not to buy the car you always wanted.”

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