Robotaxi will radically change the sales policy of the Tesla

Robotaxi will radically change the sales policy of the Tesla

Elon Musk announced on Twitter that as soon as Robotaxi with a fully Autonomous Tesla models will be possible, the company will stop selling electric cars in consumer prices, that is, those which are available now. Therefore, according to the Mask any electric car company purchased at the moment, is a valuable asset in the future is able to bring its owner an income.

This message was a revelation for those who understood the potential of electric cars for a Robotaxi. However, the first time Elon Musk has stated this so openly, directly saying that the company’s clients is not enough time to purchase the electric vehicle at current prices because soon the cost of electric vehicles will increase significantly.

Can Tesla to stop selling electric cars after the release of FSD

The bottom line is that companies will simply not profitable to sell electric cars at retail prices, given their potential profit in Robotaxi, if they remain in the possession of the company. Why to a short-term benefit from the sale when you can get unlimited profit from the huge resource of electric cars that will run independently even without the cost of driver services. Roughly the cost of the current Model 3 price $40 000, given its potential Autonomous taxi and a vast working resource is $330 000, i.e. the price that the consumer is unlikely to want to pay for an electric car.

Summarizing the above we can understand that the issue of full system Full Self-Driving is not far off. However, comes the understanding that with fully Autonomous driving systems, the Tesla will be available for ordinary buyers. Tesla already does not allow redemption of the leasing Model 3 that after the expiration of the lease term, customers, will take its place in the Park Robotaxi.

Recall that Tesla has increased the cost of Full Self-Driving to make electric cars “valuable assets”.