Rode for 17.000: a fine for the driver of an electric scooter

Rode for 17.000: a fine for the driver of an electric scooter


The Primorsky District Court of Odessa fined a person 17 thousand hryvnia for driving an electric scooter while intoxicated. The court also banned the accused from driving any vehicles for one year.

At the end of June, the patrol police detained a man on an electric scooter Like.Bike S20 with signs of alcohol intoxication on Valikhovsky Lane in Odessa. The suspect refused to undergo a medical examination, which, in the opinion of the police, violated clause 2.5 of the Traffic Rules and committed an offense under Part 1 of Art. 130 КУоАП.

After reviewing the administrative offense protocol and the video recording of the event, on September 22, the judge sentenced the man to a fine of 17,000 hryvnia with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of 1 year. In addition, a court fee of UAH 454 was collected from the driver of the scooter.

The man admitted his guilt.

By the way, the scooter driven by the defendant weighs 22 kg and is capable of speeds up to 50 km / h. An accident on such a vehicle can seriously damage the health of both the driver and the surrounding pedestrians.

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