Rolls Royce Coronavirus Mask!

Rolls Royce Coronavirus Mask!


This is my new Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge. I made a mask for him to keep him safe 😉. Let me take you through what all the things I love about this car and why I bought it. Thanks for watching guys! hit that like button for me. Much love, AlexFollow me on:

alright guys welcome to the channel what’s up it’s a supercar blondie and this is the world’s biggest all right it was just for a little bit of fun this is my new rolls-royce Wraith a black bad let me take you around this car and just yeah tell you a little bit about what I love most about it and what it actually is so this is a wraith black badge black badge edition has more power it also is sporty-er to drive and it looks sportier why because I’ve changed a few details like this for example if you see a black Spirit of Ecstasy it means that it’s a black badge edition here you’ve got blacked out features as well you’ve got some blacked out features on the back the badge is also black with silver and you’ve got 22 inch rims this is the key rolls-royce badge here on the front and then here you’ve actually got the open button this is for open you open it up and the beautiful Spirit of Ecstasy comes out to welcome you to the car and then come around here this is obviously a really cool feature how the doors open backwards actually find it really easy to get in and out of the car this way um honestly I don’t know why more cars don’t have it hinge to this way because there’s just so much space for you to just slide in another cool thing there’s an umbrella hidden here in the door and you push this button here and voila you’ve got yourself a rolls-royce branded umbrella this is of course made in England so they thought about the weather and it’s raining a lot in England not so much in Dubai so I have never had a use for this and I probably will never have a use for this year so that’s just going to be popped back in here it’s gonna be in pristine condition now I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I like to drive just keep that between us and especially so in the roles because look at what you can put your feet on here this is like a plush lamb’s wool carpet there is no better feeling than to look up a see the stars and have your feet your toes just like hunter rummage around in this soft lamb’s wool I mean it’s honestly they’ve just thought of so many different things another thing I like and this might seems like such a small thing you guys but not many cars have this and they should it has a key holder it’s right here you just look that even like this room you know we kiss it’s not gonna get lost in a lot of other cars you kind of like when I get out my god it’s like either here somewhere or it’s fallen on the floor so that’s a nice feature and then I’m gonna turn on the car so you can see another couple of things here’s the start/stop button a nice thing here in the center is you can have this closed off or by pushing this button here it opens up and that’s the infotainment screen and you might be able to see some similarities to your infotainment screen in your BMW if you have one same infotainment screen because they are owned by the same group we cannot forget this button right here I love buttons you guys know that this door close button for the driver just push this because look how far out the door goes and otherwise you have to probably lean out and pull this in and the door closes on its own with that that button which is super cool and then you’ve got another door button here which means you can actually close the passenger-side door from the driver’s seat which is also really cool you’ve got the boot button here as well so just like he actually never need to leave the driver’s seat that’s it open the boot from here little boot button of it and here also in the door lights down here that come on when I try and take something out of here see my son is getting them it lights up this compartment by gesture control so the thing with this rolls is because it’s sporty and it’s only got two doors this is how you get into the back all this board and now you’ve got room to kind of climb in here but it’s unlike the rolls ultimate Rolls Royce feeling getting into the back of this car you just kind of got to maneuver yourself a little bit yeah it’s not like the ultra experience but what I like from the backseat is you can see the entire Starlight roof and actually I do have a good amount of room like look at this it’s not like it’s very comfortable here in the back it really is I’m not squished at all it’s only the getting into the back seats that isn’t like the ultimate rolls-royce experience but back here I’m actually very comfortable you’ve even got arm rests in the back seats which makes a massive difference you guys for comfort it’s all of these tiny little things that you only really realize once you’re like driving around in this car for a little while just to be able to put your arm on the seat here is awesome you’ve got your own temperature gauges here in the back so you can control that yourself alright and why does it have to this is actually for what’s coming at you here the top and then this is for the bottom airflow so what’s coming at your feet that’s why you’ve got those toggles here you’ve got the Starlight roof reflected in this carbon fiber element if you just push that back you’ve got some drinks holders and you’ve got you can plug in your USB cable here etc then here you have got your infinity symbol to show you that it’s a black badge edition it would be nice if there was a fridge with champagne cooling it doesn’t have that in this one but it does have another cool feature here little mirrors so before you get out of the car you can check your makeup or whatever else you want to check here in this mirror and also what makes the car even sportier is look you can roll down these back windows with this button and this whole area is completely open so there is no center bar here dividing this area from the front to the back of the car it’s all open isn’t that beautiful that’s gorgeous Oh actually do you know what I’ve changed my mind I want to be chauffeured it’s so nice here in the back Rolls Royce is like getting younger and younger in demographic partly because they brought out these black barge additions like the sporty rolls-royce but people were getting Rolls Royces back in the day and they were actually doing their own like sporty versions of them and Rolls Royce wasn’t like too keen on them and so they were like right if the younger crowd wants a Rolls we’re gonna do it in the Rolls Royce way we’re actually gonna black it out and make it look badass so that’s kind of what they’ve done and the ages like come down by an average of ten years in the last ten years so yeah it’s a young person’s car now alright let’s talk about the engine I’m actually gonna show you a little latch here but you pull just here on the left side pull that and he is so this is a 6.6 liter twin-turbo v12 powering this baby it is a massive car you guys it weighs almost two and a half tons it needs a lot of power to be able to get around quickly so it has 632 horsepower that’s a little bit more horsepower with the black badge edition then the standard Wraith what happens if someone tries to steal your Spirit of Ecstasy so if you just kind of try and grab at it right just grab boom it disappears it’s like you can’t have it go buy your own Rolls Royce so if you keep this press down there we go and I’ve got a beautiful rolls-royce kabbaah that was a must had to have that it’s quite a massive boot just ignore the random stuff I’ve got in here like who doesn’t want a coat hanger right never know when that will come in handy you know when you need to now that I’ve like sung its praises for the last ten minutes I’m gonna talk about the things that I don’t like as much about this car now that I’ve been driving it for a good two weeks there are a few things I’m like ah I wish they had that or I wish it did that I’m gonna start with this while you can close this door with a button what I would absolutely love is if you walked up to it with the key and you had a button on the key to open the door for you I don’t really like having to just open up is that bad it just picked because it’s a heavy door it’s a really heavy door so I would just love it if it just went and I was like thank you and you get in okay so I’m being very specific here okay very specific what you do have is a boot open key so this one here if you keep this pressed the boot will open so they’ve thought about that they’ve thought about opening the boot from the key but not the doors that would be nice let’s close it back up just oh look a little chimney my brother’s got one he loves it they’re like sold out everywhere they’re crazy popular those girls the other thing is this beautiful starlight roof is kind of wasted in my opinion because as the driver you can’t see it so it would be amazing if they extended the Starlight roof down these panels for example or here along the front because this is a driver’s car you don’t get to enjoy this as much another thing is you’ve got to be really careful when you drive into corners there have been volatile times where I have like had to slam on the brakes little a second because what happens is just as you’re about to turn the car you feel the whole weight of the car catching up as you’re slowing down and like oh yeah it’s actually not going to be able to take this corner as fast as I thought so you really have to put that brake on really carefully and not drive this car like a supercar it would be great if they I don’t know had super super crazy amazing brakes to be able to handle that kind of weights being pushed forward suddenly or just make the car a little bit lighter the last thing is it’s like a double-edged sword here it’s good and a bad the engine is so quiet which I love because you get to enjoy you know this kind of cone of silence but there have been a couple of times when I’ve left the car and I’m like it’s not locking this car isn’t locking and it’s because the engine isn’t off but you can’t even hear that it’s not off so the engine is so quiet that in some environments you literally don’t know if the car is on or off so it would be cool if they had like a I don’t know maybe even from the outside like a little light showing you that the engine is still on that sounds stupid but honestly you can only know what I’m talking about when you drive this baby as the wheel turns they’re weighted in the middle such as continuously shows our are upright thought of everything this being the sportiest rolls-royce through the infotainment screen you can go to stability control and then look DSC off all right let’s go welcome to the dome of silence it’s like the complete opposite feeling for being in like a Lamborghini or a McLaren or a Ferrari you literally can’t hear the cars go by you and you might think well that’s no fun actually it is such a beautiful experience but while I appreciate driving a super super low sports car supercar when you drive those cars you always have to be on super high alert you know you’re more of an assertive driver you’re going faster you’re always looking around you just being ultra careful and when you’re in those cars like it’s just it’s just an adrenaline rush the entire time you drive like a Lamborghini this car it’s like as soon as you get in you’re you like breathe freer you’re so relaxed and it’s just such a peaceful Pleasant Drive and when you have when I because I get to drive a lot of supercars this is actually just such a nice break from that feeling I just get to totally relax and all my all my anger goes out the window one thing guys this is really important see this lo button here what that does is make it even sportier so you press this in now it’s in low mode and basically what that means is it’s gonna stick to lower gears and go into higher revs before it changes gear so it just means well you get a little bit more go a little bit more instant oomph and that the official name for instant worth is talk okay if you really want to just take off you press that low button and you’ve got actually quite a sporty car and as you drive you can lower the Spirit of Ecstasy you all put it up if you want to and there’s actually a cool weak button for that you just press number eight here it’s like a hot key and it goes into Spirit of Ecstasy raise or lower so I’m just gonna lower it as we drive boom it’s gone now non can tell you’re driving a rolls-royce practically invisible and then you go to raise boom look at me I’m driving a Rolls I’m so fancy oh well I reckon this baby could even drift maybe you’ll have to take it on the track see how it goes alright that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed give the video a quick thumbs up subscribe to my channel massive massive shout out to my supercar bloody family thank you guys so so much for joining me thank you for watching hope you enjoyed and we’ll catch you on the next video I love you up alright I’m out see you later bye guys

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