Rolls-Royce decided to surprise

Rolls-Royce decided to surprise


Rolls-Royce has announced a collaboration in animation with renowned artist and illustrator Mason London. The partners intend to create an animated NFT token.

At the same time, on the only frame shown so far, the front part of the future Rolls-Royce novelty, which will join the Black Badge line, is clearly visible. The debut of the car will take place on October 28 this year. Which model will receive the new version, and what the novelty will be, has not yet been reported. According to one of the assumptions, the Black Badge variant will get a new generation Ghost sedan. The four-door can be equipped, for example, with a more powerful engine and a modernized suspension.

Rolls-Royce does not go into the technical details of the new product: the description accompanying the announcement concentrates on defining the Black Badge line as vehicles for “rebel, visionaries and iconoclasts who define the modern world.” In addition, the brand explains the very fact of the appearance of the Black Badge line: such cars appeared in response to the request of the target audience, which has recently become much younger and requires more individuality as opposed to traditional concepts of luxury.

It is also reported that 27% of all Rolls-Royce cars sold are now created in one way or another with the participation of the Bespoke division, which is responsible for expanding the branded personalization program.

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