Rolls-Royce got ducks

Rolls-Royce got ducks


15 ducks settled on the territory of the enterprise, which were rescued by employees. The family has already appreciated the comfort of the Cullinan SUV, in which they were taken to the veterinary clinic.

In April of this year, a security officer at the car factory, James Caffrey, found seven ducklings in the parking lot of the company, which had lost their mother. For several hours, the company’s specialists watched the cubs, after which they decided to save the animals. The ducklings were carefully caught and transported from a nearby veterinary clinic, where the animals were raised under the supervision of specialists.

After consulting with veterinarians, Rolls-Royce employees decided to settle the family on the lakes of the brand’s automobile plant, which are part of the company’s sustainable cooling system. At the same time, eight more rescued brothers were already awaiting the animals in the new house. The birds were transported from the veterinary clinic to the car factory in a Cullinan SUV. In this regard, experts have proposed in the future to measure the model’s 560-liter trunk in ducks.

At the end of April Rolls-Royce opened a vacancy for a beekeeper. Only the current employees of the company can apply for a job, and they will have to combine the care of bees in the apiary with their main activity.

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