Rolls-Royce has opened a vacancy beekeeper. They won’t pay for this work


Rolls-Royce is recruiting people to work in an apiary in Goodwood, UK. Only the current employees of the company can apply for the vacancy, and they will have to combine caring for bees with their main job. Moreover, future beekeepers are not entitled to salaries – they will work in the apiary as volunteers.

On the eve of the new production season, five people are recruited to the Rolls-Royce apiary. All of them will be trained and will look after 300 thousand honey bees, which are bred by the British brand. In May, the bees will leave the hives and go to collect nectar and pollen from the flowering plants that grow in the 42-acre plant, as well as in the plant’s roof garden (another eight acres).

The apiary was founded in 2018 and by 2021 it has six bee colonies. The company installed six wooden hives, five of which were named after the Rolls-Royce models (Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan), and the sixth after the brand’s symbol, the Spirit of Ecstasy. At the end of each season, the apiary collects honey, which is then presented to clients.

Other car companies are also engaged in breeding bees. In 2019, Bentley installed two hives for 120,000 honey bees on the Crewe campus. Every season, the automaker collects about 30 kilograms of honey (about 100 cans).

The Porsche brand launched its first batch of honey back in 2017, and has since been selling it in a company store on the premises of the Leipzig plant. In the first year, the Porsche apiary was home to 25 bee colonies – about 1.5 million individuals. During the first season, they produced about 400 kilograms of linden honey.

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