Rolls-Royce in Chinese inside without borrowing from “British”

Rolls-Royce in Chinese inside without borrowing from “British”


Declassified salon, the successor generation big “chetyrehdverki” Hongqi (“Hunza” or “red flag”). Start mass production of the model scheduled for the spring of next year.

Official sketches of the sedan Hongqi H7 of the second generation posted in July, at the end of November appeared “live” photo novelties without camouflage. And now marred and interior models – his images published by the Chinese edition Autohome. Recall that the “first” H7 release from 2013, it is built on a rear-drive platform, the old Toyota Crown. The basis of the fresh sedan Hongqi, according to preliminary data, there is a new “truck” has the development of the FAW group, which owns luxury brand.

If externally, “seven” due to the nearly rectangular grille reminiscent of the models of Rolls-Royce, the cabin of the “Chinese” own: he received a virtual “tidy” and a multimedia system with a large screen, under which is a long deflectors. Still below are three “is” – they are likely responsible for the “climate.” On the Central tunnel there is one more washer: local media reports that it is possible to control the “media”, but maybe she switches the driving modes.

In addition, there was a photo of the stern of the new H7 – footage captured on these test samples, pasted masking tape. However, it does not stop to consider vertical blocks of led lamps and dual exhaust pipes. Well, judging by the previously publicized figures, lanterns joined together with a red strip.

By the way, for the appearance of the car Hongqi with last autumn meets Giles Taylor, who has previously worked in Rolls-Royce. However, the first concepts of sub-brand of FAW with the exterior “based on” cars of the British luxury brand was presented to the transition of Taylor – that is, the development of the “second” H7 is likely to have started before his appearance, although the hand to the sedan he’s probably still attached.

In the engine range Hongqi H7 of the second generation includes new FAW engine with factory index 4GC20TD, it works in pair with a robotic gearbox with two clutches. The Chinese warn that this two-liter “turboservice”, which will have several options of power, but the impact has not yet been disclosed. We only know that the maximum torque the top version is 380 Nm, and the first “hundred” model with the engine attains somewhere around eight seconds. Drive, most likely the rear or full.


Previous H7 is equipped with petrol “turbochetverkami” 1.8 (188 HP, 260 Nm) and 2.0 (204 HP, 260 Nm) with inner indices CA4GC18T-01 and CA4GC20T respectively, as well as engine CA6GV1 3.0 V6 (231 HP, 300 Nm). All motors are equipped with a six-speed “automatic”, the first-generation sedan is only rear wheel drive.

On the conveyor the new “seven” should stand in may next year, the full presentation can be done earlier.

Outside of China cars Hongqi do not sell, however, FAW has already begun to look to the European market in September luxury brand debuted at the Frankfurt motor show with a pair of concepts.

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