Rolls-Royce intriguing new mystery model

Rolls-Royce intriguing new mystery model


The image demonstrate the intriguing design of the roof is possible with the “gull wings”. You can also pay attention to the lack of traditional side mirrors, instead there was a small camera.

To talk about the size of new British stamps under such foreshortening is difficult, but it looks pretty small and apparently has only 2 doors.


It is assumed that the image shows a model that the British brand is built to individual order of customers. So, it can be Rolls-Royce Sweptail, which debuted at the exhibition Concourso d’eleganza Villa d’este in may 2017.

According to the source Agency, the car had to show to the event Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance, which previously was canceled because of a pandemic coronavirus. Now, most likely, the British company provides online presentation new. This should happen in the near future.

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