Rolls-Royce recalls Phantom

Rolls-Royce recalls Phantom


Infotainment malfunction of some Rolls-Royce Phantoms requires recall. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), under certain circumstances, vehicles may not display rearview camera footage.

The NHTSA recall report states that when the driver’s door is opened, the Central Information Display (CID) mechanism may not function correctly. If the screen does not reach its correct position, the driver may not see the rear view camera footage, rendering them useless. The cause of the problem lies in software that can overload the infotainment screen due to excessive unnecessary open requests from the bus door module.

This issue affects Phantom 442 2019-2022. The screen of this foreign car can also work intermittently. The cars are also equipped with a parking control system, which should use audible signals to tell drivers how close they are to objects behind them. However, owners will receive recall messages in the coming months. They will be asked to deliver their vehicles to an authorized Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealer for a free troubleshooting.

Rolls-Royce will update the software without overloading the display. Neither the company nor the NHTSA are aware of any injuries associated with this issue.

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