Rolls-Royce young: three neon colours available

Rolls-Royce young: three neon colours available


The new color palette will be available for Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan models in Black Badge versions.

British brand Rolls-Royce announced that three models in the Black Badge version will be available in new colors called “Neon nights”. This will affect such models of the brand as Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan.

The Neon nights palette will include Mirabeau Blue for Sullinan, lime Rock Green for Wraith, and Eagle Rock Red for Dawn. The special edition will have a total circulation of 12 cars, each color will be represented on 4 cars.

When choosing shades for a special series, we were guided by examples from nature. For example, Lime Rock Green is a green Australian tree frog, the red hue of Eagle Rock Red shows the flowers of the evergreen Ohia tree, which is found in Hawaii, and Mirabeau Blue is a color available in an exotic South American butterfly.

The front panels of all three models of the brand are made of a material called Technical fiber (carbon fiber with aluminum threads woven into it) and decorated with graphics that symbolize the distortion of light by speed. The paint applied to them creates a neon glow effect.

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