Rotary superbike Crighton CR700W

Rotary superbike Crighton CR700W


Crighton Racing CR700P is a project that started on the basis of Norton NRV588. Old becomes new as the Crighton CR700W received heavy press this week. Although the bike is a refinement of a motorcycle that is more than ten years old, the success of Crighton cannot be overlooked.

In fact, the Crighton CR700W is the only rotary motorcycle on the modern motor market. The main features are, of course, impressive. The 690cc twin-turbo engine develops 220 hp. power and 142 Nm of torque. At the same time, the bike weighs only 129.5 dry kg. The motor is very compact and weighs only 24 kg. With the box, the weight is 43 kg – the level of Moto3 prototypes with the power of a superbike.

Most of the Crighton CR700W components are unique and custom. The proprietary engine is, according to Crighton, the most advanced and efficient rotary motor in history. Nova Transmissions has developed a six-speed slip clutch transmission. Spondon-style aluminum frame (old concept from Norton and Spondon) allows steering column angle and swingarm angle adjustment.

Other components: Dymag carbon wheels, Ohlins (or Bitubo) suspension, Brembo brakes.

The Crighton CR700W costs £ 85,000.

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