“Rotorophiles” do not look: the cemetery of old Mazda

“Rotorophiles” do not look: the cemetery of old Mazda


In Cyprus, eyewitnesses captured a real cemetery of RX sports cars in the video. Judging by the video, cars have been parked near a private house for quite some time. However, who owns this collection, and for what purpose the machines are idle in the open air, it was not possible to find out.

According to Carscoops, the collection consists of at least 7 RX-7s and 7 RX-8s. Most of the sports cars have clearly gone through a tuning studio and are more reminiscent of the cars from the NFS Underground video game. Judging by the condition and dirt on the cars, the owner of all these Mazdas doesn’t really care about the looks of the cars. As users suggested in the comments, the owner of the sports cars bought them at low prices for further sale for parts. Also, the owner of Japanese cars was called “the biggest Mazda fan in the world.”

Recall that the RX-8 was the last Japanese model with a rotary engine. The production of this sports car was discontinued in 2012. Mazda was one of the few automakers to mass-produce cars with a Wankel rotary piston engine in the second half of the 20th century.

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