Roush Bronco R did without boosting the engine

Roush Bronco R did without boosting the engine


Ford Bronco fans are looking forward to the extreme Bronco Raptor in 2022. While it is not there, both the manufacturer itself (say, who created the desert racing Bronco DR) and the tuning studio (the last example is the SoFlo Jeep Stallion project) pleases with new versions. The Roush company presented its interpretation of the revived legend. For $ 6,750 over and above the cost of the original, she offered a package of improvements that affect traffic, appearance, usability and sound.

The car was named Bronco R, but the 2019 Bronco R racing prototype has nothing to do with it.

The kit is suitable for both Bronco with a turbocharger 2.3 EcoBoost (274 HP, 420 Nm), and for modifications with a twin-turbo engine 2.7 EcoBoost (314 HP, 542 Nm), with four and two doors.

The atelier does not promise any huge capacities, but the breathing of standard engines is proposed to be facilitated by an air filter of increased performance and a pre-filter. They are installed in such a way as to guarantee a fording of 0.85 m, their body is equipped with a transparent window for a quick assessment of the condition of the filter element. They are complemented by a stainless steel Roush muffler and a black tailpipe with the Roush R logo. This removable element allows you to increase the departure angle during outings.

In addition to specific graphics on the hood, doors and fenders, and atelier badges, the car received 17-inch wheels, designed for rough terrain and tested, “beyond the standards of the general aftermarket.” The kit includes five wheels (including a spare tire), but the owners will have to buy the tires themselves (for example, General Grabber X3 LT315 / 70 R17).

There is also a pull-out kit (waterproof case with high-strength rope-belt, connecting links, flashlight and protective gloves); a safe with a combination lock for storing valuables, installed on the front console; durable rubber floor mats with deep grooves for both rows and boot; Roush plug for towing hitch. The kit is backed by a three-year or 36,000-mile warranty.

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