Royal Enfield can produce 250 CC motorcycle

Royal Enfield can produce 250 CC motorcycle

Royal Enfield showed good sales performance in a few years, but recently began a sharp decline. This phenomenon is actively studied by analysts of the Indian manufacturer, as well as to ponder ways of solving problems. The new product is the most obvious. Indian motomi write that Royal Enfield can produce a new 250-CC motorcycle.

The decline in sales of Royal Enfield is an increase in prices by about 8-10%. The younger generation of Indian motorcycle riders started to pay attention to the technique of competitors, which is cheaper than a Royal Enfield.

250 CC motorcycle planned by Royal Enfield might be a solution. The challenge is to develop high-quality and cheap bike. Solution being actively discussed. It all depends on leadership. At least, such information misleading Indian media.

“We will continue to concentrate on classic, evocative motorcycles, which give joy to our customers. We are constantly working to make motorcycles attractive from the point of view of price, quality and experience,” said the Rapporteur of Royal Enfield.

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