RSQ8-R ABT the ABT anniversary

RSQ8-R ABT the ABT anniversary


The company ABT Sportsline has announced the release of limited edition SUV ABT RSQ8-R, dedicated to the 125th anniversary stamps ABT (current Studio ABT Sportsline is the heir of the family of Auto-Abt, founded in 1896). Impressive to date, the Germans had prepared in advance, after 125 years of business Abtou will be in 2021. But a gift for an anniversary a: will be built only 125 SUV, different from the “unlimited” counterparts not only by the level of the boost motor, but a special aerodynamic package. Well, here biturbomotor 4.0 produces 740 HP and 920 Nm (the same ABT RS6-R).

Front new product ABT is highlighted by carbon fiber grille frame with visible weaving yarns and are made of the same material extended double splitter.

In carbon aeropace also includes custom mirrors, fender flares, and vent louvers, door sills, larger spoiler and diffuser. “Optimized weight” rims ABT High Performance HR are the tires dimension 295/35 R23. ABT exhaust system made of stainless steel decorated with a 102-millimeter nozzles.

Jubilee RSQ8-R dials the first hundred in 3.4 seconds. the maximum Speed by default and is limited to 250 km/h as the factory source, but option is already 315 km/h. “This is the territory of supercars”, – say in Able. Recall that the standard crossover Audi Q8 RS has an output of 600 HP, 800 Nm, is gaining a hundred in 3.8 with and develops the maximum speed of 250 km/h or 305 km/h (with dynamic package, RS). It is worth noting the rather high four-liter gasoline motor torque (though not a record), which exceeds the moment diesel SQ8 (920 Nm vs 900) and slightly less than diesel SQ8 in the treatment of ABT (970 Nm).

In the cabin crossover is decorated with a steering wheel from ABT, a redesigned armrest, seats and center console in PCM were analyzed, door sills and the tunnel that says “1 of 125”, a selector transmission, push-button start and floor mats with the words “ABT”.

Of course, for the RS model Q8 this work is ABT is not an example of limiting forces. We have already seen, and a 900-strong Manhart RQ 900, and Wheelsandmore Goliath with 1010 “horses” (but the last modification on public roads in Germany is not allowed). And yet 740 forces are able to please fans of the Studio ABT, especially against those 700 HP and 880 Nm that the master of Kempten offer for RS Q8 without restricting circulation. By the way, shown in April, the hatchback ABT RS7-R were also limited edition of 125 copies.

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