Ruf revealed the production version of the supercar SCR

Ruf revealed the production version of the supercar SCR


Company RUF showed the first production copy of its own SCR coupe, which collects almost entirely of carbon fiber.

Looks can be deceiving: RUF SCR, on which the Studio took at least two years, looks almost exactly like the Porsche 911 of the mid 80-ies of the last century. But in fact the coupe from the German automaker short run it turned out the ultra-modern, but with vintage Porsche makes him, perhaps, only the naturally aspirated oppozitnik.

If you look closely, to distinguish the new from her colleagues from Zuffenhausen will be in a different design of front bumper, extended rear fenders, led optics and the original spoiler, and even on the wheel discs. Interestingly, in retrostile done and the interior is trimmed in leather and checkered cloth, and devoid of any hint to the displays and sensors.


The force structure and the body panel is made of carbon fiber with small amounts of steel, and suspension on both axles – double-wishbone with horizontal dampers. In the movement of RUF SCR leads a six-cylinder engine capacity of 4.0 liters, able to spin to 8 is 270 rpm it Develops 510 HP and 470 Nm and can accelerate coupe weighing 1 250 kg up to 320 km/h. Data on the dynamics of a supercar, its creators do not lead, but it is easy to guess that it is impressive.

“New classic” is clearly targeted at those who above all appreciates in car driving experience and is willing to pay for them – that’s why the coupe is not equipped with any driver’s assistants. The price of the serial supercar in RUF do not call as planned mintage, but it is obvious that the first will be hundreds of thousands of euros and the second in the best case dozens of copies.

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