With Clarkson in a Volkswagen Up, Hammond in a Ford Fiesta and May in a Dacia Sandero, the trio have been driving around the Crimean peninsula. But to complete their journey they must face one last fearsome challenge; to drive into Chernobyl. Cue as much wasting of fuel as possible. Clip taken from series 21, episode 3.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

After 25 miles of red-line motoring,
the news from the Up! still wasn't good. I've managed to average
23 miles to the gallon. I've got to get that down.
How do I get that down? Right, the drag
is now dramatically worsened. Meanwhile… I am feeling a bit sick now,
if I'm honest. Oh, is that a police car? Oh, dear. There's the horrible evidence. At a quarter distance, 25.5 miles, I should have lost one of those four bars
that I started with. But it's not happening. Come on, petrol! Sod off. Okay, we've been pulled by the police. They were wondering why I was zigzagging. They're talking
to the camera car in front. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here at max RPM to try and use some fuel
while I'm stationary. Whilst Hammond was deafening the police, I pulled over to disable
my engine management system. How about that? Engine warning light.
Yes. That's what we want. So, what the engine
has to do now is assume a sort of worst-case scenario, because
it doesn't know anything about itself, so it'll assume it's very cold,
the fuel quality is bad, so, it must be less efficient. Thirty miles from Chernobyl,
all our cars were still running and we were trying every trick
in the book to make them conk out. Look at that for drag, now. Brake… then accelerate. Then brake, accelerate. Still got three bars! Come on! There it is, 17.8 mpg!
Oh, my fuel light's come on! Oh, yeah. I'm doing 21 miles to the gallon.
I'm not doing well enough! Everything's on empty.
The needle, on empty. Come on, run out. Run out. It's one degree out there.
Nipples are sticking out badly now. Ah! I believe this is Richard Hammond. This thing should not be moving. I'm going! I'm going! I am going! Don't tell me you've run out. Yes! Yes! Oh, bliss! It's gone! -I don't believe you.
-It… I don't believe you. Sit rep. Richard Hammond is a… [bleep] Go on. Go and meet your fate. The un-turbo-charged Up!
continued onwards and then… Oh, wait a minute. What do we have here?
Some kind of checkpoint. The barrier marked the start
of the 30km exclusion zone… and now I'd have to go through it. So would James. But who would film
what happened afterwards? -Three main cameramen.
-Yeah. They're getting in a taxi
and going back to Kiev. -What?
-They're not going in. There they go. So, we're filming the most dangerous thing
we've ever done with two… I don't want to be rude,
but camera assistants? -I actually want to thank you.
-Yeah. Thank you very much. You're very brave.
You're promoted official cameramen. I know you want to get on
in the world, but this is a bit much. Those of us who were going in
made their preparations. Right. Air on recirc. Vents shut. Geiger counter… on. That really is a Geiger counter
and it really is going tick, tick, tick. The cameraman is having to film us
from the back of a Land Rover, as usual, but with the door closed. Normally the tailgate is propped open. There's something like 17 tons
of radioactive waste still in the exposed reactor core. They're building
an enormous sort of arch, really, over the entire site,
which will seal it off, but that is not finished yet. With eight kilometres to go,
I had started to beg. Run out. Run out now. But it didn't. That needle is definitely moving. Now it had become imperative
we didn't run out until we were well past the reactor. There it is. That is the remains
of reactor number four. This is unbelievable. I wouldn't want to appear
to be gloating at a time like this, but I do still have two bars of fuel left. I didn't. Oh, my God! Don't stop now. And as a result, I was in serious trouble. This is where the people who worked
at the nuclear facility all lived. Totally abandoned now.
It has been for 28 years. Look at it. Look at that there. This has to be one of the world's
most astonishing spectacles. Oh, my… I've seen this! This is it. This is the playground. Whoa, big spike. It is definitely
now time to get out of here. Come on, little Up! Don't run out now. Oh, that was… It coughed.
Oh, that was a cough. That… It's gone. It's gone.

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