Russian automaker next year will open a new plant

Russian automaker next year will open a new plant

Kaliningrad “Avtotor” in the framework of implementation of specinvtehnica (SPIC) with the Ministry of industry and trade to 2020 will put into operation a new plant with capacity of 50 thousand cars a year, according to Ukrautoprom, citing

Partner in this project will be a German BMW or Hyundai and KIA, said the General Director of “Autotor holding”, Alexander Sorokin.

The creation of new production is planned in the framework of the commitment to increase the level of localization.

The design of the new production will deal with the German Durr. It is planned that the plant with two integrated Assembly lines with a capacity of 25 thousand cars per year to operate welding and painting of bodies.

The total design capacity of the holding will remain at 250 thousand cars a year. The new line is planned to transfer some of the already produced models with the appearance of their updated versions.

According to information obtained from the company’s founder, Vladimir Shcherbakov, in the framework of specinvtehnica Avtotor will invest up to 2029 12 billion in car production. During the same period, the company will have to put production on a full cycle (welding and painting) 10 new models – one a year.

“The total production in the same year 2028 will have to make 280-300 thousand cars. But the cars in SKD mode should not exceed 35 thousand units per year”, – said Shcherbakov.

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