S3XY shorts from Tesla

S3XY shorts from Tesla


Elon Musk is known that from time to time under their own brands produces the most unusual products. For example, for The Boring Company he once released a flamethrower. Now, Tesla started selling their own “short shorts”.

Red female garment is actually a response to the exchange speculators, playing on short positions, which are the Shorts or shorts. Their goal is to capitalize on the collapse of the stock Tesla.

Musk has repeatedly said that such speculation is very risky for the speculators, as long as the shares of his company becoming more expensive. Last week, Tesla became the most expensive automaker in the world, so the issue of shorts was a response to the speculators who lost money.


Interestingly, after Musk posted a post about shorts in your Twitter with 36 million viewers, the site of Tesla for some time stopped work due to the influx of visitors. Now website performance is restored.

In the US, the Tesla shorts are 69 dollars 42 cents. They are red with gold lettering S3XY back. Recall that initially, Musk had planned to call the model of the Tesla letters, which could form the word SEXY, but Ford wouldn’t let him use the name Model E, so the model is called Model 3 and got exactly S3XY.

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