Saab 96: perhaps the most affordable electric car in the world


In the state of Missouri, United States, has exposed on sale of 51-year-old Saab 96 white color with the mileage of 32,000 miles, which the engineers have altered in the cart. The cost of the two-door electric coupe is a 1969 dollars.

The Saab 96 was produced from 1960 to 1980. Front-wheel drive model was offered with petrol engines ranging from 38 to 68 horsepower. The machine Assembly was replaced in 2009, electric capacity of 83 horsepower. At the same time during long trips its power decreases to 22 horsepower. The maximum speed of the modified electric car is 96 kilometers per hour.

As a source of energy under the hood and in the trunk of the car engineers have placed ten batteries, each of which has a capacity of 1.99 per kilowatt-hour. The total output of batteries is 19.9 kilowatt-hours. This power is enough to make electric Saab could drive on a single charge, about one hundred kilometers.


In addition, equipped with a standard electric car for Saab in those years, four-speed “mechanics” and front wheel drive.

Judging by the odometer, the car had traveled 32,000 kilometers, but it is unknown whether this run total since the release of the vehicle or the distance of the Swedish electric car has traveled since the conversion of the power plant.

In late March, the British firm the SL Shop redid Mercedes-Benz SL 1978 in the electric vehicle. Vintage Mercedes installed two electric motors and batteries from Tesla. As a result of the modifications the weight of the Roadster increased by a hundred pounds, and its power reserve on a single charge was 240 kilometers.

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