Sale of a Ford Focus in Europe hit record

Sale of a Ford Focus in Europe hit record


Maybe the rumors about the total popularity of crossovers is still somewhat exaggerated?

According to the calculations of Ford, this means that in Europe every 135 seconds were sold at one “Focus”. All in all, the fourth generation of the model which entered the market in June last year, has sold over a quarter million copies, and total sales of “Focus” during the existence of the family has exceeded 7 million cars.

Ford connect in such an inspiring statistics with a large number of modifications that have Focus: even the “hot” version of the ST sold in at least four variants with petrol and diesel engines and body styles, hatchback and wagon. In addition, the Ford Focus also has a version of the Active all terrain (also in two bodies).


And publication of statistics associated with the appearance in the family of another version: now Focus Active sold in the luxury performance Vignale, which features the original 17-inch wheels, special decoration of the body and the best possible content. List of avionics “SUV” includes, for example, a fully led optics, leather interior and active Parking assist.

Promised that next year gamma motor Ford Focus will be expanded at the expense of the power plant as a “soft hybrid”. The technical details of yet at least, but most likely it will borrow from crossover Puma, which it consists of a three-cylinder turbo EcoBoost volume of 1.0 l and electric add-ons. It develops 153 HP

What do You think he liked the Europeans?

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