Saleen showed mid-engine sports car for racing

Saleen showed mid-engine sports car for racing


The company Saleen Automotive has introduced a concept car with mid-engine layout. It cost about 225 thousand dollars. Currently, the new product is certified for participation in the racing series GT4.

Sports car built on the basis of the road Saleen 1. The basis for the first time lays frame with body panels from carbon fiber, and the movement of the car causes a 2.2-liter “turboservice” impact of 450 horsepower and 474 Nm of torque. Among the differences from the civilian model – solid splitter, redesigned rear diffuser and a large rear wing and new ABS.

The series of races for cars of GT4, was created and is carried out by the SRO (Stephane Ratel Organisation). Are allowed to participate as track cars, and those that are created by the teams on the basis of traffic models.


The most famous car company Saleen, which is owned by Chinese Jiangsu Secco Automobile Technology Corporation, is a supercar S7, produced from 2000 to 2009. This summer it became known that Saleen intends to resume production of the model and to collect a limited batch S7 Le Mans with 7.0-liter V8 engine of the Ford Windsor. The return of the engine will be 1500 forces and 1800 Nm of torque, which will provide supercar acceleration from standstill to “hundreds” for 2.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 480 kilometers per hour. The production of cars is planned at the Saleen company in California Corona.

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