Sales of the new Toyota Yaris will start on 10 February 2020

Sales of the new Toyota Yaris will start on 10 February 2020


Compact car of the new generation surpasses its class thanks to the outstanding driving pleasure, efficiency of fuel use in the EU test cycle WLTC is 36.0 km / l for Hybrid X and the latest security technology and protection.

Toyota Motor Corporation announced the launch of its new Yaris 10 February 2020 New model of Yaris was designed to combine the maneuverability characteristic of compact cars, with high quality service and the latest security technologies that far exceed customer expectations. The new Yaris is the first model which uses the TNGA platform for compact cars, and features lightweight and highly rigid body with low center of gravity. The hybrid system of the new generation of the car based on a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine Dynamic Force and a powerful Engine combines smooth ride quality with world-leading fuel efficiency for a compact car, equal 36,0 km per liter, according to the test cycles WLTC. The new Yaris is the first Toyota compact car with electric all-wheel drive system E-Four.

Model with a petrol engine with a newly developed 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine Dynamic Force Engine option a six-speed manual gearbox or Direct Shift-CVT with 2WD or 4WD settings, which provide a smooth ride, straight acceleration. In order to provide customers with more choices, there is also a class that combines improved 1.0-litre engine with a lighter, more compact CVT.


It is expected that the new Yaris will be a very popular compact car, and for this reason it is equipped with a wide range of advanced and convenient features: this is the first Toyota equipped with Toyota Teammate Advanced Park (including features Panoramic View Monitor), an improved support system Toyota Parking, it features the latest Toyota Safety Sense, which is now able to detect oncoming cars when turning right at an intersection to detect pedestrians crossing the street when you turn right or left and comes with swivel seats Turn 8, which facilitate entry and exit from the car. Display Audio, which can be connected to smartphones, is also standard suitable for all classes.

The new Yaris is also equipped with an additional socket with a capacity of 1,500 watts. This not only allows the use of electrical products using the same electrical sockets as back home, but also allows you to use the vehicle as a power generator during blackouts and other emergencies.

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