Salomondrin Exposed – Why He Rejected Me!

Salomondrin Exposed – Why He Rejected Me!


I’m testing the McLaren 600LT thanks to @mclarennewportbeach. During my LA visit I finally get to meet Salomondrin! This video exposes who he really is, what happened to his Senna, his car collection and why he didn’t want to meet me!Special thanks to Follow Salomondrin on:Follow me on:Music by:La Garrotera by KolektivoDome Climber (feat. Shane Shanahan) – Mike Block (Producer)

they get very scared what’s up guys Super Cup only in LA I’ve literally just flown in and been delivered this incredible 600 LT from McLaren Newport Beach a big thank you to you guys I’m excited about these gonna take it for a good long drive today and we’re going to experience this together let me just take you through a couple of the features you may notice that I’m kind of crying as we go I don’t know what happens when I get here in LA I must have some kind of allergies because my eyes just start watering like crazy we’re gonna take this baby actually to go and meet Salman durin for the first time he lives here in LA about an hour away from where I am right now and yeah we’re just gonna see what happens it’s a good story there so we’ll get into that story in just a sec but for now let’s look at a couple of features of the LTE this right here if you’re going to look at a McLaren from the back this is how you really in a split second differentiate between all other MacLaren’s and the 600 LT it’s by these exhaust tips here on the top of the car they’re actually very very close to the engine that actually allows his car to spit flames so you might have seen a lot of videos of this car spitting those flames and that’s why yeah you can see this separation here and there in the wing on the back this is different material here they’ve had to do that because they know that people are going to be pushing this car to the point where they spit the flames here and they would literally be going over this wing here at the back so this has to be flame resistant 600 LT right LT stands for long tail there the letters or the name that McLaren were observes for their most high-performance track-oriented lightweight versions of their car this car here is about a hundred kilos lighter than the 570s called the papayas Park color now it’s like McLaren orange but it’s got metallic sparkles in there and it is so shiny that even the B thinks it’s a flower it’s it’s been sitting there for a good five minutes if I just realized it’s like not this isn’t a flower I’ve been tricked dammit head off so you’ve got these bucket seats here and these look at this the floor is literally like just carbon-fiber you’ve got no glove box here either he’s the key here and we’re gonna turn her on just getting a seat in position oh yeah the issue I have with MacLaren’s right is you’re driving you can’t really hear the engine I want to say quiet but it’s not but it’s a lot quieter than say being in the cabin of a a Larry but now that I’ve just heard this engine I’ve just ripped a little bit it actually sounds so I’m impressed so far you know with these race-oriented all these track riots and cars that I find quite difficult on the road is because they have very simple bucket seats you can’t really do much with them you can only move them forward and back so I can’t actually adjust this seat to a position that I feel really comfortable with and that’s the annoying thing about a track-focused car when you actually drive it on the road it’s just not as practical but that’s why there is a difference between the two you know when you have a 570s it’s very practical it’s very easy you can move the chair around it’s very luxurious inside this is completely stripped down because of course you need to lose all of this weight this button is so freakin tight this button is in every single through the car now and it is so annoying basically means whenever you stop the engine goes off automatically which I know is good for the environment but is super annoying and then this manual button will come on so that’s off on your in manual when you first get into a McLaren these are little things that take you quite a long time to work out because in a lot of other cars it’s literally just like a manual button but first you’ve gotta press active which is weird because you would never really work that out just intuitively why would you have to press an active button to go into manual why do love about McLaren is it’s all it always feels so need be so lightweight it’s only be so CPU so much fun to drive you’re super low to the ground it just it’s a lot of fun this car and I just goes satellite like my Lamborghini Huracan for example Lucy she feels heavier than this you can feel it as you drive this feels so light like you’re in a go-cart that is how I would explain driving in McLaren you’re in a go-kart a really fast go-kart and that’s what I love about these parts that she’s good can I just her like I’m Michael Jackson most challenging thing about driving a car like this is sticking to the speed limit is something you have to constantly watch because as soon as you put your foot down even the tiniest bit it just jumps by 10 miles an hour today we’re gonna go meet salamander actually have similar names his name is alejandra and it’s the first time that i’m gonna go meet him it’s been a long time coming there’s a bit of a story behind that so he’s one of the most followed car youtubers in the world he’s got over 1/2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel he’s got a few million on Facebook and a couple million on the Instagram as well and actually I’ve been wanting to meet him for a little while he’s been doing this a lot longer than I have as someone who has been quite new to the game I’ve just been doing this for two years I like to meet up with these guys who have a lot more experience in the social media world they’ve been a lot of them have been doing this for many many years but he has not been as keen and we’re gonna find out why today hopefully we have couple mutual friends and I’ve met with his friends and they’ve asked him then hey you want to meet with Alex and he makes up these really weird excuses not to meet me let’s see why his reason was today but I just want to go back through a couple of messages that he sent his maids about why he doesn’t want to meet me that was with to collab with Salim Andre and we’re in LA could you ask whether we can meet up with him and he says I’ve asked him before you came when he told me he’s not a fan of giving his number aways I’m sorry he’s not much of a collab so his first reason was that he doesn’t like to collab with people which basically means do videos with other youtubers so we thought ok we just leave it whatever the one thing for me about my journey doing what I’ve done is I just haven’t given up you know there are a lot of walls that get put up put up in front of you you just have to keep going keep pushing through and I’m like I’m gonna break this guy you know I’m gonna meet him at some point so in July we were back in LA this is a few months later and we asked another mutual friend whether he wants to collab right do something together and this is the message into I don’t know why you said no and we’re like oh maybe doesn’t like blowing women with fast cars amazing really you don’t know why they didn’t give any reason and he says tell them I’m a weirdo who doesn’t like meeting new people ha ha ha so which is total lies I’ve never come across someone with such a poor excuse it’s a pretty private excuse isn’t it like I don’t like meeting new people tell them I’m a weirdo that’s basically like [ __ ] I don’t have an excuse I just really don’t want to meet her I just really should want to do this so fast forward to what are we in now in April so this is nine months later he followed me on Instagram and I was like that’s a bit weird you know after being rejected by him so many times he followed me and then I was like okay well I’ll follow him back and let’s just see you know whether we can do something this third time lucky nine months later I knew I was coming to LA dmdm directly on Instagram and this is our conversation Alejandra okay yeah wassup with the same name in Mexico all the Javadoc holy [ __ ] nobody likes to be and he says yes I was like what well I don’t want to meet with you know I didn’t I didn’t I was like ah finally you know because it’s weird to be rejected like so many times because I’m actually just really normal nice person I got all I felt no no no I know I know that’s really bad like when you call yourself a normal person because that generally means here she’s not but today is the day that we’re going to meet and I think we’re gonna go for tacos and we’re going to ask him and some questions because he’s quite controversial when it comes to his YouTube channel there are some videos with the titles like why I’m going to jail for insurance fraud for example he is McLaren Senna caught on he’s suing McLaren he’s just selling his entire garage of cars and he has or he used to have a lot of really really nice cars so there are a lot of big headlines on his YouTube channel so we’re gonna get down to the bottom of that what is true what is not true what the hell is going on here is salamander how did salamander and get his start everyone wants to know like how can you be a car youtuber how do you get your start that’s what I’m asked all the time so we’re gonna hear his story how did he get his start how did he get to the point where he could afford a whole garage of super cars and hyper cars it’s pretty impressive I’m not at that point yet I’ve got Lucy I’m very proud of that but in a lot of hard work just new to this game learning from people who have been in it longer and who have some advice for me as well as you guys watching and yeah just hang out for the day really and get to the bottom of why he didn’t want to meet me for so long how about this occasionally sir you just market in front of the whoa maybe uh what’s something you’re getting chance to live it about getting one chance I’m getting a little bit of everything delivered right now have enough chance finally nice to meet all right how’s it going buddy hey Alex nice to meet you honey first things first we’ve got to meet this girl Tata me mama let me get any better oh hi my god I’ve never met anyone with pet squirrels did you find her or how did this happen yeah they get very scared of other people oh really okay oh we don’t want to stress that they’re just very very sweet animals with their the people the person that they get attached yeah like Pomeranians shoes shirt I hate everyone else except today I know so you is she rescue yeah I found her by the Turtles yeah she was a baby this big and she was dying on the ground and I actually didn’t know what she was because she have you ever seen a baby squirrel yeah they’re pink ah they’re so weird-looking and they don’t even look like squirrels they look like a little rock yes that is the rarest car you’ve ever seen guys it’s a beetle our side they only made 251 all of them are the same in fact they put the r32 engine in it 220 horsepower six-cylinder all-wheel drive it’s like a rally inspired car and they were $80,000 brand-new oh yes but it’s so not like aerodynamic would you expect out of all the cars guys like I’m selling it all but I’m keeping the being my Biel I just think it’s one of the ugliest cars on the road it is yeah it absolutely is and look at the way this beetles too slow let’s stick on a massive wing come on yeah of course very much especially with the bubble-shaped often this resistance training losing weight from air it wasn’t big back in a day it’s a different thing in the 720 which the 720 I didn’t want to sell but so the Carrera GT got rid of they sent obviously actually so this isn’t like spontaneously combust in your driveway right because I think it might be you dude I’m not sure tomorrow’s the day no no the more I’m gonna go see one that’s a very strong possibility okay but I want like something legendary and that very few were made uh-huh like it’s already on the secondary market that you can actually purchase right now yes I thank God well what is it what are you gonna Center it’s just a hyper car it’s a beetle it’s another beetle it’s a hyperbolic yeah it’s got a bigger wing – it’s amazing what do you think you’d be doing now if you didn’t go back into you to make our YouTube so I do consulting for marketing for big big companies yeah because we know how to get followers we understand behavior from customers watches clothing coffee and there’s pretty deals we make wheels those wheels I think yeah so no no the cars the other thing is because I loved it so much I sold my cars everyone started calling you not and that worked here we are so yeah now tomorrow I’m gonna go check out one possibility before that I want to get running yes can we have any car hits a brand or what about horsepower or no no everyone knows I don’t know go look at a Bugatti oh I okay I wanna I want a Veyron Super Sport another bug with a bigger wing I’m like yeah it is there’s no pressure I’m not I’m not going tomorrow to buy the car because the whole purpose of my journey now yes I want to go experience all of the cars again with the first mine because the Senate thing at first was a negative life exchanging experience and then he turning to the most positive one because he’d reignited all of that love I had for cars all the stuff that I stopped doing because of what happened with other guys that I was like I don’t need this I I don’t need people just telling you how to live my life I’m just gonna enjoy it along with the Spanish Channel that I have the Senna fire just really made me yeah when I get back in cars and appreciate them and just live more literally I’m doing so many more things than before you know before I used to get just let me stay in the house do whatever I’m doing now I go out and I’m living and I love this in up for that at the same time so happens for a reason and I’ve always said that and something better is coming yet on the next turn you know whenever something bad happens yeah so just knowing that putting myself in the right mindset just got through it thank God so this this some Bugatti is red is it I think it was Floyd Mayweather MIG nosy [ __ ] huh Lloyd my besties there you go yeah that’s another story go tell you that later I’m the happiest I’ve ever been thank you and it’s good to have people around you you know who you love and support you because absolute trust everyone so absolutely I can trust my wife always here to warn you but you already knows thank you I appreciate it I was like I’ve escaped from your wife now I’m scared I’m scared she’s not come on this is not exposing Alejandra let me be out that’s amazing what I need to go back I’m just I’m it’s all that’s it when I got the cinah it was the best car I’ve ever gotten in my life right and I loved it to the point where I said I don’t need any other car Wow and I was already in the mindset I’m gonna sell these cars yeah cuz I don’t need them when the Senate burned down which is the one that I wanted the most yeah he’d made me completely become D yeah why is your god making funny noises I don’t even know right okay people living here way tonight thank you yeah cool house it’s just a facade that’s it why is that Hollywood set so this is just the outside and then there’s nothing big oh it smells man yeah there is bleeding like you know just a couple of sleeping bags and a tent out the back that’s right but you know it works for you but it’s good yeah and all you need is a gardener and that’s it whoa that Mexican so oh I got it oh cool I got it perfect so that’s how you can spend all your money on the cars see ya poor guys gonna head out for lunch you gonna take me something special some somewhere very very special okay I figure gonna love it I’m telling you I saw you innovate I can’t say much yeah but I saw this beauty of you and see what you really enjoy yourself and I feel like you would enjoy it okay so it’s gonna be a michelin-starred you know what I think you’re anywhere else cuz that’s you know where I am you know supercar blondie Michelin star well I started with a supercar then of course you got to start right there of course I don’t you know do anything else part Michelin song are you sponsored by Michelin are you getting paid right now by saying that yeah I am welcome to my look I need deals like that I know age you are but initially we just need to say mission a few more times just as I’m getting a paycheck by ok fine oh my god Michelin missile the missile yeah because I’m excited about food I’m so hungry man I’m starving Travel makes me so hot good it’s hot delicious when did you get me I got you I got you I know how to use this thing kind of you know when you keep getting indifferent cause you like I forget where everything is all the time oh it’s it’s cool to meet you finally I just can’t believe you’re actually real I know you were just the CGI really successful I had a project that someone created because it was too perfect to exist oh you’re so sweet I mean it could if I could CGI myself I’d make myself better love me let’s just put it that way oh my good oh oh my god you do you think calling it I just had one of those she likes nice gardens on the roll really not too big it feels me it feels really think when you’re driving a very very told you you’re very thought doll Oh tall yeah I’m sorry I’m here to Mexican New York X you’re actually very dull and a piece of [ __ ] I promise I was there’s no trying to insult you huh oh say your very little time so I’m surprised that you don’t like that that car you’re like what five eleven I’m not actually it’s so funny everyone thinks I’m not like really tall I’m not like five seven no Mike seven I know I don’t know I like things I’m really told Bible in shows up I’ll see when who you and she were both so you’ll see you know we fun exactly what I came to LA to do to actually work out my true Mike Sullivan that was really the goal today no but I was saying I really legitimately thought it was like a great CGI project with everywhere like you’re doing all the right moves there so can I tell you why yeah you take it for granted I get on the left leg yes you take it for granted because you’ve been very successful and it was in maybe wasn’t a good crazy road for you to get there or maybe yes but I’ve met with so many women yeah that want to start a YouTube channel yes and the first thing I tell them is the female audience at least 2 percent or 3 percent don’t cater to them cater to the guy yet and they go girls review on these my girls review on dad don’t sell yourself like bad yeah and what you’ve been doing is just so perfect thank you I admire the shake of marketing and so just seeing it perfect perfect all right is wearing a station I was taking you out I just wait to eat at a gas station we are gonna eat right here at the gas station eats think it’s perfect it’s going to be perfect that’s how you roll right I thought you guys did no I brought you to a restaurant with a view oh wow actually sorry hang on a minute we’re gonna go in get some food and then just sit out here on the ground there’s tables what do you know tape oh wow we’re getting fast I would never take it to a nut classic look at you we can sit outside they’ve been driving spent on this is all new lower their prices sorry for advertising loss we must disclose that Alejandro owns Chevron mobile no I do and it’s an ad for them right did you met or the guests I know I know I heard you tacos are the best yeah they are the best without chickens negative wood or cheese anything with cheese is good let’s go I promise you’re gonna you don’t like them yeah buddy will never talk to you again I clunk oh that’s big and I will I will eat the remaining leave the rest life we buddy not talking to it all right start with hurt a lot you’ll get hurt yeah Salomon if you don’t know is from Mexico and it’s the best food in the world I’m sorry guys it’s correct Oh Sportacus no comprendo Takumi tacky like a souvenir a few minutes to stock up on delicious but it’s premiere 20,000 no mammies comida megusta see mommy mommy mommy oh yes the thing one always gets me is how big the meals are in the lanai you’ve not prepared whoa look at that she actually though it’s great that salsa YUM no my mouth okay now yeah mine too I can’t smoke anymore okay so I have a question for you hit me so for the last year or so right a lot of people you guys have been commenting on my videos like when are you gonna meet up with Salim on gonna meet up with someone wondering I’m like I’m sorry I’m trying the top question right so we reached out so we’ve got two couple of common friends and we reached out we said can you ask sell them on her and if he wants to meet and do something and you hike came up with some pretty lame excuses what were the juices for them the first excuse was tell her I’m a little bit weird and I don’t like to meet new people okay it’s true and then the second worker was I have to watch my now clearly that’s something better then you know having no I can’t remember what they second excuse was either way something-something [ __ ] anyway so you want to know the truth – why me with you yeah I don’t do when you collapse with anyone have you seen have you noticed I really don’t need to be with anyone and the reason why is he’s like confession time right yeah back in the day when I did the whole gang thing all the game again clothing line okay are you doesn’t mean gang no no no no I mean I don’t know you don’t want to say it either yeah I don’t want to say it he means just hanging out at friends with these guys correct so with those guys when when they when they decided to turn on me and go like all right this is our business whatever and I left them yeah I was so hurt and I just couldn’t understand the I’m doing all of this and they don’t have to do anything but just go like let’s go let’s go and you’ll make so much money and enjoy your life and I’m doing it to people that I love and they turn around and go like do I still want the money over you yeah instead of you know what I may have was why the heck am I putting myself out there all the people that I’m meeting and especially in our media you know how it is people like attention people like yeah all the okay and that’s fine that’s fine because you know that that’s their plan yeah but you’ve got to the point to me where it literally made me get into a little shell and didn’t want to come out and I didn’t want to meet with anyone this is real life looking from afar through a youtube channel you think that we just have the best lives ever and we’re living a dream but actually a lot of [ __ ] happens don’t you yeah you go through a lot of like really hard times really hard time hold on I like course you’ve never eaten kill me when I’m eating I’m filming I’m lucky it’s not on me so anyways I totally get that and I just wanted to ask you on cam because obviously it’s taken me a little while to meet you you’re me a lot of you obviously know few years and wanted to kind of leave to meet up with them and just you know chat get to know you so that’s why I mean you’re going through a hard time I mean you can well you can tell me the truth I wish there was another one and then with the with the signifier and I was just telling you that just made me just come out of it and I was if I could have died right there they might didn’t do anything that I wanted to do and accomplish all the [ __ ] that I wanted to do and I was having a blast with and they shouldn’t just not do it because of any stupid reason yeah so I I just opened myself yeah I’m so bad now you’re open that’s great because obviously like you I’m sorry I’m still super new at this so I look up to you guys and thank God these guys have really crafted that does so well and that’s why I really wanted to meet you and just you know you’re an inspiration to a lot of people and so it’s really actually quite nice to finally have met you yes share ideas and like just be like you know yes it’s hard to find people in this world to actually get along with and be friends and be creative with yeah it’s hard it needs the most beautiful thing when you can be creative with people that you like and buy with yeah it’s one of the coolest in camera in Dubai like I have known who wants to go on camera to guys super difficult to film with people they don’t want to be filmed so I’m literally riding around with a camera by myself and it makes it to new heights me again I was wondering why why do you had all those cars everywhere and nobody else around good for eight actually that’s a really good thing actually yeah your eyes these are a really good thing when you come to LA everyone I’m just like I can you know anyway I even allowed to take a picture of anyone without their permission right right that’s why say with Alejandro otherwise known as selling hundred or salah mundo oh no when how just now I open the back door and it just went good news this is just the filter it’s not the like oh okay oh you Shh I know alright guys I hope you enjoyed please give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to my channel we’ve got so much more coming and yeah that’s it thank you very much no thank you thank you Porto jealous possum be any grass chiefly DOS what can I say good ass yes chiefly those chiefly DOS sounds like something you’d eat that’s whistles chiefly this I always say whistles whistles in Spanish Oh Mexican guys know how to whistle I’m sorry that’s a little extra we play ball we got that tidbit for free all right thank you very much to McLaren Newport Beach we’ve heard a ball in this car and yeah cool love you sweet you had a ball in the car where loves these balls okay okay yeah you

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