Salon Basic C-Class 2022: Physical Buttons, but Virtual Devices

Salon Basic C-Class 2022: Physical Buttons, but Virtual Devices


The Germans organized the debut of the new C-Class a little over a month ago. Now, thanks to the configurator, details have become known about the basic modification of the new item, which will get a smaller center screen.

Now, thanks to the updated configurator on the brand’s website, we know that the W206 will learn one feature that many fans of the German brand will love – the individual controls for the climate settings.

This is because the size of the MBUX infotainment system for the base Mercedes has decreased: 9.5 inches versus 11.9 inches. Such a touchscreen does not have free space for placing the HVAC controls. Buttons guarantee quicker access to the desired functions. Also, the traditional layout has a lot of dedicated fans who don’t like the abundance of screens in modern cars.

The driver display has also become more compact. However, the smaller size of claims of foreign auto experts did not cause, which cannot be said about the appearance.

The thick bezel is reminiscent of inexpensive smartphones and tablets released a few years ago.

This design clearly falls short of the prestige of a brand new Mercedes, even if we are talking about its most affordable version.

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