Samsung has introduced a new rechargeable battery for electric vehicles

Samsung has introduced a new rechargeable battery for electric vehicles


Researchers from the Higher Institute of technology Samsung (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology SAIT) in London and research Institute Samsung in Japan (SRJ) has introduced a completely solid-state rechargeable batteries with long life.

Fully solid state batteries differ from lithium-ion, as they allow you to increase the amount of stored energy per unit mass. This allows you to create batteries have higher capacity using solid electrolytes, which are safer liquid. But there is a problem: the lithium anodes can cause the growth of dendrites (needle-like crystals that can form at the anode of the battery during its charging) that reduces the battery life and reduce its security.


To solve the problem, scientists have proposed to use as the anode composite layer of silver and carbon (Ag-C). It is possible to increase the capacity, service life and overall safety of a prototype solid-state battery. In addition, the prototype was approximately 50% smaller in volume lithium-ion battery of the same capacity.

These technologies will contribute to the further development of electrotransport. It was expected that the batteries will enable electric vehicles to drive up to 800 km without recharging and the battery will have more than 1000 cycles of charging/discharging.

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