Saudi Arabia’s Hyper SUV | 2030 GFG Style

Saudi Arabia’s Hyper SUV | 2030 GFG Style


Saudi Arabia held its first massive international car event called the Riyadh Car show (@riyadhseason) where they revealed the one-off 2030 car! This car was commissioned by the country specifically for this show, and to experiment with some ideas that could come to life in the next few years.This could be the all-terrain supercar that we see in future.Special thanks to his excellency for letting me drive the 2030 Vision @turkialalshikThanks to the GFG Team & Ibrahim This video has been made possible and sponsored thanks to @riyadhseason #riyadhseasonCheck out my other pages here:

oh wait more MORE we’ve got more anyone else for the joini is there only one buggy on the whole premises so we do it Sally we’ve got all of the cars literally driving in right now to be placed in the school and era right now driving in we’ve got some honestly I’m really impressed like that all of these cards first Riyadh Carter ever and all of these cards been flown in shops for this show it’s called the riad seasons and it’s like car shows and so many other different entertainment shows all going on over the next few months in Saudi it’s a day before everything opens and we’ve walked into this massive hall so everything you see right now is actually gonna go up for sale okay you see what’s happening here where the engine is obviously kind of outside the body of the car something like this wouldn’t usually be road-legal in Saudi Arabia but if you buy it at the show you will be given a special permit for your car so that you can drive it around on public roads in Saudis that’s pretty cool so only if you buy it at the Riyadh car show you get the special permit amen I’m seeing cars here that I’ve never seen it any other car show in the world let’s Jesse Tyler Chris yeah I can talk twenty two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of cars would here twenty four cars that you’ve shipped in just for the rehab Motor Show in the first one they have a police academy show as well I remember seeing this in the state so they brought in all the professionals from the US just rehearsing right now for tomorrow who knew it would be so cold in Saudi Arabia so he would Terry the man of the hour we’re about to attempt a salute yes I’m sure he has it away off the air but it’s getting closer and this is the actual the toilet yeah this is big edition number houses on five meter bigger than the last one oh darling this is the car I’m going to use tonight I have to this is one okay all right here we are with the car so not done anything to the engine no the engine I’ve actually used the diesel engine I’m going it a diesel engine as well is there a reason for that just because it was the lightest Haeckel models the windows are plastic all of the internals are the course that is just very very light well congratulations in advance yeah well let’s hope so what’s he doing wait is this how we’re getting around today yeah is this how you’re gonna show me this is my concept camera I call the cops Oh brilliant so does that have like special lights or something or does it do anything like concept II no I don’t think so you guys watching right now you might be like we don’t look like we’re in Saudi Arabia I’m not wearing an abaya you’re not wearing kandura yeah traditional talking a traditional dress because so many things are changing so quickly yeah they’ve totally opened up to tourists now for the first time the first time and it’s all just changed so quickly like completely and I’ve been driving around Saudi Arabia for women that just opened up I think it’s like a year ago it’s just it’s modernizing I’ll be your tour guide it’ll be my tour guide on the car yeah perfect because I don’t know nothing about cars Ollie we just by just buying and driving like seriously and that’s what this channel is about you don’t need to be a car nerd to watch this channel we totally get you most people just love the look of cars they want to see a few cool gadgets they want to buy it and drive it right yeah what do you drive g-class Oh nice car 19 oh the new one yeah the new one Dejan okay we’ll have to up your G class with this one let’s see what do you think all right should we should we give show him to someone okay all right this is it this is the vision 2030 I’ll be the one the first one yeah this is the first time it’s come out of the Riyadh car show it was just launched yesterday I thought happy – Allah we’re in the financial district here in Riyadh in the capital the main idea behind this car is that it’s like a supercar for all-terrain so you can drive it offroad the rear wheels are right so they’re 22 inch and then look how thick the tires are so this is actually the same kind of tire you have on your G Wagon Oh SUV on the bottom supercar on the top these are the taillights so indicator brake light and reverse light you’ve got the f1 brake light here which is kind of cool we’ve been through here Ibrahim yeah I can see your hand even here yes what’s cool is when you hide the lights on the here it casts the shadow and so at night when you’re looking at the car from behind or you can see this is kind of really cool red shadowing effect on both of like on top of the fenders here Open Sesame so it has little wings on the roof that’s kind of cool right oh my so so easy citizen yeah please get in here’s the deal with the top kind of winglets getting into a supercar is never easy you have to seriously like dark and kind of maneuver your way in right and sometimes it’s like the duck and roll you know all the jump you just never know really how to get into super carts with this you it gives you so much height that you don’t have to duck so you can get in easier but for you it’s you so tall for me it’s but it looks like the back from the future card yeah yeah you’re right it kind of opens the same yeah on the sides and then these ones if you press this button here this will actually close it and open it ready ready the designer of this car he actually designed the Guyardo and the mc12 the maserati mc12 so it’s got five about 540 horsepower a range of 350 kilometers [Laughter] all right a massive massive thank you to the people of Saudi Arabia you guys have been so welcoming to me I really appreciate that I cannot wait to come back a massive thank you to excellency and also to you guys for watching you give the video a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the supercar blondie family we’ve got so many other cool things not only massive thank you to Ibrahim as well alright bye guys were out I think the first Arabic word I must must learn is car say yeah say ara how do I not know this so yeah ok then that’s gonna be ingrained in my brain I see ara ok ok come on come on you can do it you can do a show of comfy masamori yet

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