Saving the Planet: Tesla with a Gasoline Engine

Saving the Planet: Tesla with a Gasoline Engine


A small Austrian company brought its Tesla Model Y prototype with a gasoline engine and very low fuel consumption to the Munich Motor Show.

Probably every fan of electric vehicles has thought at least once about why manufacturers cannot install a small gasoline engine in an electric car. Opponents of electric vehicles really like the meme where Tesla is charged from a gasoline generator in the middle of the road. And now a small company Obrist from Austria has done what everyone is only talking about – the guys installed a 1-liter gasoline engine in the Tesla Model Y.

In fact, Obrist built a hybrid, but the gasoline engine is not connected to the wheels. It only works like a generator. A similar system was used in the Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3 Rex. By the way, the declared consumption of gasoline is only 2 liters per 100 kilometers. In Europe, where ecology is not an empty phrase, this prototype is also presented as an ecological car with very low emissions of harmful substances.

Obrist offers the power plant in 2 power options – 136 and 272 hp. Besides, such a power plant is quite cheap, only 2000 Euro. While a standard Tesla electric motor and battery costs around 12,000 Euros. This prototype also has a nice little bonus: due to the smaller battery, it is lighter than the Tesla Model Y, on the basis of which the prototype is built.

You might think that the guys are just doing nonsense and further than a car dealership and a couple of prototypes will not work. However, they have developed a ready-made platform that can be used both for self-converting a car into a hybrid, and as a ready-made platform for a beginner automaker. Ordinary car enthusiasts can simply buy ready-made conversion kits. And automakers will simply save months, if not years, development time and have a complete powertrain that meets today’s harsh environmental regulations.

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