Sayonara, GS: Lexus sent the sedan to the “final journey”

Sayonara, GS: Lexus sent the sedan to the “final journey”


The premium brand of Toyota has officially announced the completion of the GS fourth-generation in August of this year and presented his farewell Touring version of the Eternal for the Japanese market.

The first Lexus GS debuted in 1993, and the current fourth generation of the sedan entered the global market in 2012. the Word “global” here is important because the first GS was intended for the U.S. market, the historical homeland of the Lexus brand and the fourth generation sedan was also sold in Europe, Japan, and many other places. But success, despite the breadth of the distribution did not happen. In Europe in the year managed to sell a little over two thousand copies of the GS, in the U.S. the best year for the sedan, the fourth generation was 2015 when they managed to implement 23 117 cars. Last year Lexus GS in America has sold only 3378 copies. From Europe model has already gone.

In General, a full competitor in the “five” BMW of Lexus GS did not work, although the makings were good: a classic layout and a noble profile, spectacular detailing (GS first example of the current signature Lexus spindle design of the front end), a powerful and reliable atmospheric engines V6 and V8, favorable press reviews.

The weak sales are partly to blame other Lexus model: lovers of drive chose IS more compact, lovers of comfort – karyogamy ES with a transverse power unit. Lexus ES, by the way, last year sold in the U.S. sold 51 336 instances, which is 6% higher than in 2018. Actually ES and will now be exclusively represented by the Lexus brand in business class, and GS living out their last months its Assembly in Japan will cease in August of this year, as today it was announced officially, although the first rumors about the twilight of a career GS appeared three years ago.

For the Japanese market prepared a special farewell performance of GS, which is called the Eternal Touring – it can be translated as “eternal journey” or, if literary, “the last journey”. Farewell to the characteristics of the equipment are filled with black gloss radiator grille, black mirror caps, black trim, spoiler on the trunk lid, unique design of wheels, orange brake calipers, leather upholstery with colored inserts and carbon decorative plates.

Execution Eternal Touring will be available from 1 June for versions GS450h, GS350, GS300 and GS300h. Prices start from $ 7 100 000 yen ($65 900).

In the USA, probably, in the near future will have its own farewell version of the Lexus GS.

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