Scandinavian Toyota: found Volvo with a mileage of over 1.5 million km (video)

Scandinavian Toyota: found Volvo with a mileage of over 1.5 million km (video)


An interesting 1991 Volvo 740 was found in the US state of Missouri. The car has traveled 1.6 million kilometers (million miles) and is still on the move. The story of the Fox News channel tells about it.

Jim O’Shea decided to buy a Volvo 740 GLE 31 years ago. When buying a car, a 1961 Volvo with a mileage of over 1.6 million km arrived at the car dealership and the owner changed it to a new car. The American decided to repeat this achievement. Since then, he has been using the sedan every day and is in no hurry to change it.

Interestingly, because of Volvo, Jim O’Shea even had a conflict with his relatives, because his uncle was a Ford salesman and the family did not understand the choice of the Swedish car. But time has shown the correct choice of car.

For three decades, the engine and gearbox have already been changed in the Volvo 740 GLE, and rust spots are already visible on its body. However, the vehicle is in fair condition and is regularly serviced. Several times Volvo ran over the curb and scratched the body, but did not get into an accident.

Jim O’Shea does the small work himself and appreciates the simplicity of the Volvo 740’s design. This is also one of the reasons why the American does not want to sell a car with a huge mileage. However, it is very likely that a Volvo dealer will change it for a new car. This practice is common in the United States, because cars with huge mileage are then used for advertising purposes and demonstrate the reliability and durability of the structure.

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