Scary Halloween PRANK🎃!

Scary Halloween PRANK🎃!


Happy Halloween guys! My team got me good. I never realised I would scream like that when scared 🤣🤣

we’re about to scare the life out of my sister alex check this out this is alex’s new roles careful not to scratch it okay shut it it should work the reverse camera is right here how’s that look serge oh my god take a look at this that is crazy separate the hands a little bit yeah is that good oh my god yeah yeah that’s perfect that’s perfect oh my god right so al has no idea we’re doing she thinks she’s filming a normal vlog today she’s about to come down let me get her on the phone yeah hi where are you hurry up i’m in the car already i’m just putting my boots on she’s nearly here hey what’s up super cop honey this is my little sister kate hi guys and today i’m going to take it for a spin in the rolls royce all right are you ready yep okay all right this is so cool all right love love love okey dokes all right um okay are you ready what what is this oh my gosh you guys i’m literally my heart oh my god oh thanks thanks thanks guys nice nice little wet patch what oh my god i hate clowns oh my god guys you freak me out you’re clean on this oh my god oh my god [Music]

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