SCG will make the Leman car accessible to public roads

SCG will make the Leman car accessible to public roads


Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is planning to launch the SCG 007S coupe, a civilian version of the SCG 007 LMH sports prototype. The novelty will definitely be able to go on American roads, as well as, possibly, on European, British, Middle Eastern and Japanese roads.

The 3.5-liter “eight” with double supercharging from the Pipo Moteurs company will give out 750 hp on the car. with. and 800 Nm, and the road version can get a completely different engine: a power of 1419 liters is promised. with. with a mass of 1270 kg.

The civilian version will receive the aerodynamics of the car, adjustable ground clearance, pneumatic jacks for quick replacement of regular tires for slicks, road stabilization system, as well as ABS and traction control settings for the track.

Three-seater salon – with a driver’s seat in the front in the center and a couple of passenger seats in the rear on the sides.

On the way to production, the G7 has already changed its appearance, but now real cars have finally been built: one of the two cars has already gone for tests.

The circulation will be 24 units worth $ 2.3 million. Deliveries will be completed within a couple of years from the date of receipt of all applications.

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