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arnold schwarzenegger i want you to do that god i don’t schwarzenegger i’ll be back so this is stallone you know i’m doing this for free so don’t break my balls okay two of the biggest action movie stars of all time boom but who has the sicker cars it’s show time what’s up guys welcome to car wars i’m sergey this is alex supercar blondie and welcome to the channel we make videos every wednesday you guys subscribe right now right so you’ve seen terminator right yeah you’ve seen how the movies always begin with him falling out of the sky butt naked yes so i was thinking maybe we should start a car wars episode like that the same way right who’s going to be bumping me i could just like kind of appear out of nowhere and then like no one else where they said no but look at this look at this it’s right here this is great literally no one else to see you naked how did this even happen that’s what we should start doing every episode from nowhere i’ll just fall from the sky and make it today we have the most epic cars to date i agree all right i kind of was blown away when i saw what these two guys own obviously both of them are absolute icons in the film industry arnold for predator terminator and kindergarten cop great maybe stop it and sylvester stallone for rambo rocky and home stallone home still owen yeah you’ve never heard of home it’s it’s an iconic christmas movie it’s about a kid who basically uh is left almost that’s time alone no it’s home stallone no that’s called home alone check the film but that’s home stallone you know that was one of his most famous movies of all time it’s one of these deep fakes that i think was like it’s probably the best deep pic i’ve ever seen back in the day they actually used to try to one-off each other yeah they were always competing to get the absolute best movie roles at the time actually one time arnold schwarzenegger tried to convince stallone that he was actually super into a specific movie role basically was actually a terrible movie but stallone actually believed him went and got the role thought you know i got this one on arnold turns out it was a terrible movie terrible they actually got the scene of him in a diaper i don’t want to be changed how did he fall for this help i feel like a kentucky fried idiot that’s i gotta give it to him wow that was good anyways enough of this let’s get into what we came here for arnold versus stallone it’s car walls let’s do this let’s begin with arnold guys he has a mercedes sls amg roadster and traditionally these cars have the doors going up but because it’s a roadster and they took the top off the doors actually also went with it it also has a bentley continental gt super sport and the spec on this one is super nice super yellow and black clean two of my favorites he also has a bugatti veyron grand sport that’s like 2.5 million yeah but he later sold it right in 2018 it’s gone he smokes a cigar in a bugatti i mean it says bugatti can do whatever he wants with it but he does this all the time yeah so this one’s interesting yeah it’s an excalibur so this looks like a car from the 20s but it’s not it’s actually built in the 80s yeah i’m not a major fan of you either love it or you hate it i kind of like it though no i’m on the head okay there we go he also converted a g wagon to fully electric you guys and it cost him one million bucks yeah and actually they stripped off 500 kilos worth of body weight so you know pretty pretty good deal he also made a hummer h1 completely electric as well that’s cool he’s kind of a he’s a you know he’s a hippie well he’s been a vegan for a while yeah i’m not sure he’s still vegan but he was vegan for a long time yeah because he cares about the people in the environment and the planet he’s a good guy all right now this is where it gets interesting military trucks and he actually has a bunch of them i mean he has a military pins gower which he also made eco-friendly after meeting greta thunder yeah i know like so he converted that as well yeah not completely electric but it’s more eco-friendly than it used to be he also has this mammoth of a car called the oshkosh m-a-t-v wow and this thing when he stands next to it makes him look like a smoker he does i mean it’s tiny he’s massive this car is huge he also has a military dodge 37 yeah which looks kind of more like an old-school jeep yeah which is quite cool i’m i’m feeling this one so he also has a 1977 mercedes-benz unimog i love that we love the uni yeah i mean that is like we’ve done so many videos i know i know and people love it too actually the viewers and the videos always do well yeah they do because viewers love you go check out supercouple on each other yeah by the way just facebook youtube instagram whatever you have okay the conversations he’s kind of on the hummer addiction he has another hummer i don’t know why he’d need so many hummers but this one isn’t converted this one’s original and to top it all off arnold schwarzenegger has a tank you’re [ __ ] me i’m not shooting on you and apparently he just squishes things and destroys things just for the sake of entertainment he does it for charity look at his little head poking out i can’t believe he has attack i can’t believe he’s like the terminator in movies and in real life oh look destruction mayhem oh look at that all right over to sylvester stallone let’s do this so he kind of has an affection for i’m sorry it happens so he kind of has a love for mercedes yeah he has a g wagon uses it all the time all the time he has an s-class nice so he can chop it around him then he has an e63 not sure why then he has a gle 63 coupe which is a very nice car like that a lot i agree and then he has something that the car world is a big fan of the amg sl 65 black series he clearly knows about cars right because this is a hot car this is nice that’s pretty cool yeah he also has a pimped out mustang i’m not sure if i’m feeling the barbed wire so it’s i think it’s kind of tacky kind of what are you doing he also has a ferrari 599 gtb fiorano he has a rolls royce phantom nicely saved himself there and he has an absolutely sick bentley flying spur he also has an aston martin and they both had a bugatti veyron little play dates when they get together they can each drive their bugattis you know side by side does he smoke a cigar in it though like is it is he bowling i would imagine so lastly he has a 1968 corvette stingray and a 1932 ford hot rod sick right it is intermission time it’s time to take a break all right i am going to go to the bathroom and i’ll be right back don’t tear down i’ll sit sergey stop taking a dump [ __ ] oh my god it is me i love schwarzenegger you’re the kitchen chest thank you for having me on car wash oh where is sergey he’s my favorite oh my god like what is this these are my muscles i have a surprise for you yes it’s me i got you i had no idea and the reason why is because you thought there was no ad but this is an ad and i got all these muscles thanks to like two minutes muscle tech nitro whey gold protein and if you have enough of these if you have enough scoops of these bad boys you’ll get big muscles just like me i sign up to that made me feel great sign up for it now because i’m going to be buffed tomorrow it’s the best it’s the best it’s time to conclude this episode who do you think won today’s episode of car wars i’m gonna go with sylvester stallone what absolutely not this is clearly arnold schwarzenegger he has a tank no no no hang on a minute hang on over there she has a tank stallone has a lot more luxury cars he has a bentley he has a rolls royce he has a bug absolutely listen listen listen i’m gonna get the final say in this one arnold schwarzenegger congrats to arnold schwarzenegger you’re stupid take that back no i will never take it back go slight subscribe to supercouple andy it’s oh my god okay you guys go put in your boat because we’re split this week he reckons it’s annie i reckon it’s stallone what do you think let us know in the comments below and also let us know who we should do next we’ll see you guys next time and speaking of movies i’m not sure if you heard of the new movie coming out about classical composers sylvester stallone is actually going to be beethoven and arnold said i’ll be back

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