Schwarzenegger, Zeus and BMW

Schwarzenegger, Zeus and BMW


BMW has released a teaser trailer for a commercial starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Hollywood star and ex-governor of California plays Zeus, god of the sky, thunder and lightning, hinting at the company’s upcoming debut of the company’s new electric car.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with a link to the BMW YouTube channel.

Zeus, the main deity of Greek mythology, is in charge of the weather on Olympus, and also throws lightning at the guilty people. And this moment gives a hint that the video is dedicated to the new Bavarian electric car.

The manufacturer did not disclose which model will be the heroine of the video. Next month, BMW will introduce two electric vehicles: the iX and the i4. In addition, a hybrid SUV based on the XM concept will debut in the very near future.

The scene in the published video teaser was not the top of Olympus at all, but a prosaic coffee house: the thunderer waits for his macchiato while the barista struggles to pronounce his name. BMW has confirmed that the commercial also stars Salma Hayek Pino, who plays the role of Hera, who according to Greek mythology is the wife of Zeus.

We’ll see the rest on February 13 during the final game for the United States National Football League (Super Bowl) championship – America’s most popular sporting event. The cost of a 30-second video during the Super Bowl can reach $5.5 million.

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