Scientists found a simple way to fool the drones

Scientists found a simple way to fool the drones


A group of scientists from the Institute for intelligent systems max Planck found that the drone ceases to identify objects on the road, if the field of vision of the camera gets a special figure. The picture represents the bright spot, which is a combination of a few certain colors.

To withdraw the right combination of colors, the researchers took only a few hours. Then they demonstrated how to behave “smart” system when it meets the picture, and warned that the reaction of the UAV can be unpredictable. For example, the car abruptly swerve or slow down.


Revealed the vulnerability of concerned scientists. They fear that in the near future when unmanned vehicles will become wide-spread, this “deception” can take advantage of the hackers. Even a small image printed on a t-shirt, can disrupt the neural networks and lead to catastrophic consequences. Currently, researchers are working on a solution to this problem.

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