Scientists have taught rats to drive

Scientists have taught rats to drive


A group of scientists from the American University of Richmond (VA) conducted an unusual experiment by training rats to drive little plastic electric cars with simple controls. The video was published in YouTube.

The “vehicle” for rats created from ordinary plastic container, which is equipped with wheels, electric-driven toy cars, aluminum floor and three pieces of copper wire, which is responsible for choosing direction. When the rodent gets on the aluminum surface and grabs the wire, the electrical circuit is closed, and the machine starts moving.


The experiment involved 11 males and 6 females, who were trained to ride on a toy car in the room is four square meters. In different corners placed a treat in the form of oatmeal, which rats learned to get, using the levers of control.

The researchers emphasized that during the “driving” rat felt a sort of relaxation. In addition, they noted that the rodent brain has neuroplasticity, that is, the ability to change when a different experience.

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