Scion FR-S remade in the spirit of the “Fast and the Furious” of the 2000s

Scion FR-S remade in the spirit of the “Fast and the Furious” of the 2000s


Sports car Scion FR-S (aka Toyota 86) has quite a lot of devoted fans. Moreover, there are car owners who do not mind making some dubious modifications to their cars. And here is one of them.

On Reddit, they talked about a very strange tuning of the Scion FR-S sports car. Such an alteration, of course, attracts attention, only doubts arise in its practicality and appropriateness. Such a car has been driving on the roads for several years.

On the Web, they learned about him not so long ago. YouTube even has a video reviewing the sports car. The owner clearly wanted the sports car to stand out on the road and look like a candidate for the title role in the movie “Fast and the Furious” of the early 2000s.

The FR-S has been repainted bright yellow and fitted with a bizarre set of parts. They all look like they’ve been pulled off the shelves of an AutoZone store. There are flared front and rear wheel arches, larger side skirts, a huge front splitter, aero canards, new wheels and a track-style rear wing.

The FR-S also has louvres on the rear side windows and rear window, and fake air intakes on the roof. But the most important thing is the Lamborghini-style scissor doors.

We will find extensive changes under the hood of a sports car, but most of them are aesthetic in nature. The sports car also gets a lot of blue details and chrome accents in the exterior. Inside the sports car we will find racing belts, multiple screens and a new audio system. The trunk houses new speakers and amplifiers.

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